Who we are

Scriptures lead us to ‘walk in line with the truth of the Gospel.’ That is who we are...

Our foundation is the Gospel. The word used for 'Gospel' in the New Testament is similar to a news event:

  • Jesus is the Son of God
  • Who Jesus is and what He did is the primary message of all Scripture
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are reliable historical sources of the life and words of Jesus
  • To walk in line with the truth of the Gospel is based is the conviction of the depth of our sin, what Jesus did for us and continues to do for us. The motivation of the Gospel is the only exclusive truth that transforms the heart of a person by confronting self-righteousness and a sense of superiority over others. The Gospel teaches God's moral law as absolute and produces humility and compassion because we are in desperate need for Jesus to substitute His righteousness for ours.

    The Gospel is the best meaning of life to penetrate every aspect of your life (single, married, children, parents, work, school, neighborhood, friends).  This meaning carries us through any type of suffering and failure. Everyone believes the saying, "no one is perfect".  Everyone has to deal with personal faults, failures, sins.  How do you deal with yours?  If you are a skeptic or agnostic and are yearning for sustainable meaning in your life, come with your questions.

    The center of our worship is the Lord's Supper which is the Gospel in Spirit and physical form. The Lord's Supper never ends, is always with you and is your power.

    Everyone is controlled by someone or something. Everyone is a slave. God as our Master frees us to love Him with all of our strength, mind, heart and soul because He has proven His commitment to us through the Gospel. We are also freed to love others as ourselves because the Gospel teaches us to have meaningful, caring relationships with believers and unbelievers since God acted on our behalf when we did not deserve it.